Behind the Scenes at Red Weather: Three Buttons

All of us here at Red Weather, whether we’re on the poetry, fiction, design, or publications team, are currently sifting through submissions. If you’re anything like me, you’ll begin to imagine boxes of Manilla envelopes stacked in a cramped office space. Thick sheaths of paper engulf the solitary chair in the room, and even though it’s winter, the ceiling fan is on because the rustling papers add great visual effect.

The above is picturesque to imagine, but the real process is much simpler. Each person is assigned a certain number of submissions by the managing editor, and everything is online. We have our discernment, and we have three buttons to choose from with every piece: “Yes, “Maybe,” and “No.”

The first button is the rarest for me to touch: “Yes.” When I use it, it’s because I believe that a submission is polished, the intent is clear and raw, and I want to know the rest of the story.

A lot of what I’ve looked at so far has fallen under the “Maybe” category. Vagueness is a common problem, as well as faltering grammar/punctuation, or wordiness. When I click this button, I believe that with some extra work, a submission would be publishable.

The “No” button doesn’t give me the nicest feeling. However, the things I’ve placed under this category have all dealt with clichés on some level. For writers and poets especially, I’ve heard so often that one of the best ways to avoid sounding trite is to read continually – and read many different things.

Whether you’re a writer, poet, artist, photographer, or someone who accidentally stumbled upon our page, stick around! I’m excited to see what happens after all of this “buttoning.”

-Katrielle G.


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