Dessen to the Rescue

Everyone has a favorite author. There’s always that one author that we started reading when we were younger, and now, even though the books being published maybe aren’t academically stimulating for us anymore, we still enjoy reading them. This is still very relevant for me when it comes to author Sarah Dessen, a young adult fiction author.

Naturally, I was thrilled to hear that Dessen is releasing a new book June 6 of this year titled “Once and For All,” being published by Viking Children’s Books. Dessen is known for her realistic fiction geared specifically toward the young adult audience, so we can expect as much from her new book coming out this summer. This is her thirteenth novel to be published (lucky, right?) and the storyline follows that of a girl who just recently graduated from high school.

A large theme in Dessen’s novels deal with a change in the main character’s life, generally sparked by some sort of loss or bad experience that took place in his or her past. Her stories rely heavily on portraying the main character’s tale with the support of his or her friends and family, and a love story usually takes place within the text as well.

Dessen follows the same patterns with “Once and For All.” From the press release and the excerpt that was given to readers last year, the book tells a story of a girl who has recently had her heart broken by her first true love. She’s not quite ready to give her heart to anyone until she meets a handsome young man. The narrator, Louna, has grown up in the wedding planning business and is a cynic when it comes to love. But when the charming Ambrose falls in love with her, Louna’s view on love may change.

I can’t wait to read Dessen’s new book this summer. All of her other published works are close to my heart, and I’m sure this one will be too.


-Ashley T.



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