Worth More Than a Thousand Words

English 457 – Red Weather: Literary Editing, is divided into two groups: a primary group, where you read and edit submitted works, and a secondary group that handles one of the following: Design, Public Relations and Social Media, or Events and Acquisitions. When I was assigned to the design team, I anticipated picking out a theme for the visual works that would be added to Red Weather, and picking out an image for the cover. What I didn’t expect was sifting through an ever growing list of fonts, choosing which would be assigned to the name of the author, the title of a piece, and the cover text, and more. God forbid the font you choose doesn’t come in italics or bold. There are literally thousands of fonts, and as a member of the design team, I need to help narrow down what looks good, in which place, and maintain any themes we hope to convey through the text, all the while maintaining a professional look. Additionally, it’s up to the design team to choose the cover.

Initially, we pour over the visuals that were submitted to see if one would make a good cover image, and that’s more complicated than one might expect. Certain images, while beautiful, need to be able to cover both the front and the back cover, and formatting an image makes certain visuals ineligible. The design team also picks the order the literary pieces appear in the book and that requires a general understanding of each of the pieces. Luckily, this year’s design team is made up of members from each of the three different primary groups, so we each had enough insight on the pieces to group them together. After this week, our primary groups finished editing the accepted pieces, so now we know the pieces well enough to start grouping them by theme, and deciding the order in which the entries will be placed in the book.

-Matthew D.


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