Thank You, Dear Submitters

One of the most beautiful elements of literature is the phenomenon when people read the same words and go on a completely different journey. It never ceases to amaze me when I read a piece of poetry or prose and feel I know exactly what the author is trying to convey. Then I talk about it with a friend or colleague and he or she comes up with a depth I never even imagined. This incredible collective of impressions is a magical experience we don’t take lightly here at Red Weather, especially during our current task of first round edits on our accepted pieces.

Due to this spectacle of varying opinion, it is also why we edit in teams. The list of accepted submissions is divided among groups of five people; an odd number for any tie-breaking occurrences. Each of us brings in a varying perspective on each piece that we have already independently worked through. That phrase, however, is merely the tip of the explanation of how much care we put into each piece.

A sentence cannot just have something to say, it must to say it uniquely, with verve. A sentence is more than just a fact-conveyor, it also makes a certain sound, and can have a thrilling quality of being over-full—saying more than its length permits it to say. A sequence of such sentences explodes in the brain making the invented world almost unbearably real; each sentence serving as a kind of proof.

Each of the five editors bring those proofs into a discussion of the world we believe the author or artist is creating. The world is a different world, depending on what the creator said about it, and how he or she said it. By honing the sentences the author used to describe the world, the editor can change the inflection of your mind, which changes the reader’s perceptions.

When we have done the best to bring enlightenment to the celestial creation loved by its creator, we return it to them. This is where the truly magnificent wonder comes in as they look over our suggested edits. Sometimes it can be eye opening and sometimes it can be a rush of enlightenment. Others are less appreciative of our care and concern for the potential of their piece. Make no mistake, we all share in the love of your art. Until the next round of edits anyway.

—Robyn R.


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