Editors Need Writers: Red Weather Needs You

If you have seen our blogs, posts, tweets, or Instagram pictures popping up lately, have they tapped at your inspiration? Whether you have already submitted your original visual art, prose, or poetry, or you are just thinking about creating something new, there are many reasons to choose Red Weather as your first place to submit creative pieces. If you are a budding artist, a novice poem writer, or you’ve been crafting stories since you were five, you should definitely consider Red Weather.

First of all, Red Weather has a free submission policy. While many publishing companies will charge either a nominal or substantial fee to have them evaluate your work, Red Weather does not. With each year’s submission opening, you are able to send in up to three pieces for consideration. The only cost is motivation!

Secondly, when you submit pieces to Red Weather, you are supporting a University publication. At a more human level, this means that you are enabling students (designers, copywriters, head editors, proofreaders, salespeople and individuals in marketing, for example) to do hands-on work their future careers. As college students, we sometimes wander through classes listening to lectures, doing homework, and delivering speeches that relate to our majors in a roundabout way. However, wouldn’t it be silly if nurses never experienced hospital work until after they graduated? For students who are majoring in Publishing, Red Weather is an amazing experience. I want to become an editor in the future, but that job depends on people like you who are brave enough to share their creativity with the world.

Will you? 

What’s your favorite way to express yourself? 

-Katrielle G.


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