Red Weather Cover Reveal

There’s been the blog post about the design team, the cover design process, and more, but you’ve probably been wondering when, or even if, you’ll see the cover of the next Red Weather issue. Well, we have news for you! The design team has finished tweaking the cover for the upcoming issue and sent it our way for the big reveal.

We ended up finding a creative piece sent into us by an MSUM student as a submission and decided to use it as our cover instead of designing our own from scratch. Here it is!


The cover designer, Auyon (Ace) I. is a Musical Theatre major at MSUM and will graduate in 2019. He says concerning his piece, A City Fallen: “I believe that my home city of Dhaka (Bangladesh) has a tainted soul, but deep down inside it wants to be better. It tries to uphold the good inside, but can’t, due to societal oppression, harmful ‘norms,’ and a failed system. When I created this piece, I wanted to depict the pain, the sorrow, and the unlikely beauty that can be found in the tangled map of Dhaka’s scars.”

Additionally, we were able to have our Head Designer, Anna, answer some questions regarding what went into selecting the cover and designing it. Here’s what she had to say:

What appealed to you about this piece?

Out of the pieces we looked at as possible cover visuals, this was one of the most mysterious and intriguing. There’s a lot going on in the visual (which can be good or bad in a cover), but it really draws the reader’s eye and makes you curious about the book.

What was the process of designing the cover?

A lot of the design was just trying things out and seeing if they worked. I made the rough draft of the cover with the rest of the design team, so it definitely started as a group process. I would add in elements and move them around on the page based on suggestions that our members threw out. After the class voted on using “A City Fallen,” I just worked on tidying up some of the elements that weren’t as legible before. I ended up using a circle design similar to our past logos because the text wasn’t standing out enough by itself, but I made it partially transparent to match the ghostly feel of the image’s charcoal. I went with a deeper, more cherry red for the logo and back quote because when I applied the first red to the back, it looked very tomato-like and unappealing. I also split the image and moved each half around the spine so the visual would (more or less) line up on either side. Like pretty much any design, it was a lot of trial and error and tweaking things based on other people’s feedback.

Now here’s a question for the readers: What appeals to you most about the new cover?

-Rachael W.



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