Literature of Today

Has traditional reading become a bore? Does an ebook not have the same flair as it did last year? Has writing a story been not just trial after trial but boring and you wish you could add more?

Well, I’ve got a solution for you! Click yourself over to and put that urge for flair to use! This unique site allows authors to move beyond just words and throw in other media. Writing about travel? Add in a picture or even a video. Writing a story and you wish you could show people what theme song you are listening to? Piece that in there!

But perhaps I have not quite tickled your fancy yet? If just reading and watching videos is not quite enough to sooth the fires then maybe you’re looking to choose your own adventure. Now, this isn’t the typical, flip to this page and then to this page. At you can not only participate in reading a text adventure but you can contribute with other writers to advance the storyline! Did a certain path not end the way you had hoped? Contribute! The original author has all rights to accept or decline contributions or add other users as editors, so they can add as much as they’d like without permissions.

Reading and writing does not end with paper and a pencil anymore! Now, that is just the beginning. Explore the internet and expand your views to interactive short stories and novels! Add anything and everything you want the reader to experience, and go experience other authors stories. Best of all, it’s from the convenience of your phone and computer.

-Shanelle C.


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