[Insert Favorite Word Here]

My original plan for this week’s blog post was to give you a preview of one of my favorite pieces in the book. However, following the design team’s quite productive last meeting I have decided to give a brief update on what is going on behind the scenes at Red Weather. Fret not faithful readers, for I will offer up a preview of one of my favorite pieces in my next post. Now on to the events that transpired in last week’s meeting of Red Weather.

Due to the unfortunate delay of our galleys, the class was unable to begin editing on Monday. A seemingly uneventful class was turned right around when the design team began to work on the “Favorite Word Poem” that will be placed at the beginning of this year’s issue. The idea for this project came about during the construction of the layout of this issue when we found a page in need of something new. There were many ideas thrown around, but a poem created from the favorite words of our members won out, and after compiling the words we set to work trying to organize them into a Red Weather original poem. It took us a bit longer than we may have expected, but with words like “rapscallion,” and “puddle-wonderful” a bit of a struggle is understandable. After a couple hours of arranging, and rearranging, we came to a consensus. Once written out and read aloud, I was immediately filled with excitement to present the final product first to our other members, and then eventually to you, our readers. Also noteworthy this week, after patiently awaiting their arrival, our galleys came in on Wednesday! Let the second round of thorough edits begin!

Finally, to extend the fun to other word lovers out there, my question for you: What is your favorite word? Let’s see if you readers can collaborate and create your own “Favorite Word Poem” in the comments!

-Cameron S.


2 thoughts on “[Insert Favorite Word Here]

  1. “Lexical gap”. Two words, apologies! Def: When there should be a word for something, but there isn’t. If that doesn’t suit your purpose, however, “echt” is a good one! Good luck!

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