The Final Stretch

Once we filter through the applicants for Red Weather, there is still much work to be done.

We recently received our galleys (these are physical copies of the magazine that are printed to be checked over for errors). There is a stage between finalizing the layout and selling the book to readers—we send a digital copy to be printed and we get a physical copy of the book back. Seeing the book physically printed highlights some issues that are not apparent to us while looking at a digital layout.

Upon the arrival of our galleys, we had a rough look at what the magazine will look like once it gets in readers’ hands. Though edits are completed, the design team still has much to do. The galley copy of the magazine showed us a couple errors that needed to be corrected before Red Weather is ready for readers and viewers. The first problem that stood out to me was that there was an error in the margins. The text was too close to the spine of the book, and so readers would have to pry the book open to be able to read the beginning of each line. Luckily, that’s an easy fix for us.

Another issue that we had not planned for was that a section of one of the pieces had accidentally been removed and the piece lacked a lot of punch that had previously been brought about through the piece. The design team realized that the piece was greatly lessened without the removed section and so we needed to track down the removed section and apply all of the stylistic choices the Red Weather team chose to that section to make the piece complete again.

As an English major at Minnesota State University Moorhead, I’ve heard many professors talk on editing, but this experience has given me a new perspective on the editing process. This got me thinking: what is your editing process?

-Matthew D.


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