Multi-genre Project, Multi-genre Preview

Red Weather strives to publish and present the best prose, poetry, and visual arts, that the community produces and submits. With the 36th issue of the magazine launching this upcoming Monday, here are previews of pieces from each genre:

MaKayla Graning’s prose piece “Fantastic Furry Friends”, found on pages 86-87, shows beauty and solace in a tragic, and messy, short story that is also poetically neat. Widower Derek takes his teenage daughter Mia to the titular pet shop to find an unlikely friend. He hopes he can find a companion to share “fake-mom pancakes” with her, and help her find comfort after losing her mother, his wife, to cancer.

“a study in western masculinity” on page 62, is a poem by Rheanna Haaland. Haaland has multiple poems in this issue, and all have similarly striking statements that leave you pondering. Rather than answering your questions the poems raise issues of their own in declarative lines such as “Never see a doctor / the lab coat will diagnose / your severe incurable symptoms”, or declaring those implied symptoms as “inoperable” and letting you know “there is no treatment”. Thought provoking and succinct, her poems hit quick and beg for the reader’s return without pulling punches.

“The Sauna Door”, one of Louis Zurn’s pieces of photography in this issue, is a perfect photo to look forward to given the unexpected bout of snow we’ve experience in the area recently. Found on page 36, Zurn captures the contrast of colors, and temperatures, of a woodland lakeside sauna on a cool evening to invoke feelings of comfort and relief.

With these previews of pieces from each genre we hope to see you all Monday, May 1st at 7PM in the Comstock Memorial Union Ballroom at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and will be grateful to have you as returning or new readers of the final product!

When reading a literary magazine, how much do you find yourself reading in one sitting, and do you read through in order or have a different approach?

-Corey M.



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