November is National Novel Writing Month

Summer is coming and that means so are finals and the end of school. As a writer, I’ll be spending time, on and off, preparing for November. November is important because it has been deemed “Write a Novel” month. NaNoWriMo is an online site that offers a place for you to check in with your novel.

Fifty thousand words in one month can be a lot for a writer, especially one who doesn’t find much time in the day to sit down and write. NaNoWriMo offers daily goals and statistics to help you map out your novel. As a plus, daily reminders can be sent to you through email or phone notifications. You won’t forget to write those five hundred words a day!

Along with notifications, you’ll receive newsletters and inspiration from the NaNoWriMo team. Fun badges and trophies for completing certain steps are also a part of the site. You can “friend” anyone you know to see how they are doing on his or her book as well!

And the best part? NaNoWriMo is free to use! So if you’re interested in writing a novel and want to take part in the challenge, join NaNoWriMo. Pre-planning is essential to finishing your story on time, so don’t let this summer go to waste! Now is the time to begin gathering all your references, settings and basic plot points. Start strong and finish strong!

Are there any websites out there you use as writing guides, or are even building your novel upon?

-Brynn T.

*Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.*


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