The Final Chapter

We made it! The magazine is officially published and the launch party was a huge success!

Amongst the balloons and confetti being tossed about and the attempt to make order of the last-minute decorating chaos, people began to find their seats—some heading directly to the cupcake and punch bar. As we finished arranging last minute details, a few of the Red Weather staff realized we were running out of chairs for people to sit in and more people kept coming. Additional chairs were found and the room we had reserved was packed full with contributors and people thirsty for new, local art. Our guest speaker, Melanie Hoffert (author of Prairie Silence: A Memoir), opened up the event as she spoke of her writing experiences, the importance of literary magazines, and gave tips to new and aspiring writers. She then introduced some of the contributors who had come to read and speak about their pieces that were featured in the new issues—there were even some who had attended but weren’t planning on speaking yet changed their minds near the end. You could feel the excitement and energy radiating through the room! After the event had concluded, people stayed to play games like “Pin the Tail on the Tiger” to win prizes, meet contributors whose pieces inspired them, and finish off the rest of the cupcakes and punch. To say that the event went well is an understatement, for it went above and beyond anything we had expected! The team is so thrilled for our next launch!

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(See more photos at our Facebook page!)

What’s next?

The newest issue has been published and everything is slowing down, so what should you be expecting from us now? Well guess what, we have some exciting news for you! After much brainstorming, Red Weather has decided to start a digitalized fall issue starting this year! We’re currently accepting submissions at our Submittable until September 15, 2017 for our digital issue, so start writing/drawing/painting/photographing those ideas that have been circulating in your head recently and send them our way to be published! We’ll be releasing new updates as they come so keep an eye out on our social media.

Also, you can now order the new issue (and past issues, as well!) on our site.

Until then, keep creating!

-Rachael W.


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